ISMF Ski Mountaineering World Cup 2020 - Sustainability Declaration

The Local Organising Commitee acknowledges that the respect of the environment is fundamental in organizing and staging the event and therefore it confirms its commitment in following the environmental policy and ensuring the sustainability of the races, paying a special attention on every part of the event.

As regards the courses, the races are programmed on ski runs still existing, so that the effects on physical and biological environment are low, because the areas are already anthropized. The impact of the event is localized and can be defined of short-term. All the signs (both vertical and on the snow) will be properly anchored, so that they will not getting lost even in case of strong wind; they will also be coloured, so that they will be easily seen in the snow when the team remove them after the race. All the signs are realized with environmentally friendly materials. After the races, the LOC team of volunteers will review the course and clean it up, provided with waste collection bags. The LOC will set some information panels with the indication of all the points of selective waste collection. The LOC will also make sure that the volume of stereo will not exceed the recommended limit of 70 decibels.

As regards the catering, the restaurant identified by the LOC, will use eco-friendly materials and recycled plastic for the catering. The single-doses are now recommended by the Covid-19 rules, but the responsible of the service will have a selection waste points, that will be promptly transported to the eco-point of Ponte di Legno, that is modern and well equipped. In the preparation of meals it will use the available local products and will prevent as much as possible every food waste.

Concerning the areas, the company responsible for cleaning, ensures the services in all the areas occupied by the activities of the event (such as press room or accreditation area) with eco products, avoiding the polluting and chemicals ones. The appointed company undertakes to use the electricity just in activities in which it is strictly necessary.
The LOC will provide the Palazzetto dello Sport area with selective waste collection, ensuring the regular emptying of them in the eco-isle in Ponte di Legno.
Some information signs will be placed in the areas, to inform and stimulate a responsible behavior in every person being part of the event.

A special attention by the LOC is also in the field of communication, minimizing the production of printed material, also in respect of the general rules for the sanitary emergency.

As last point of analysis, the mobility will be ensured by using snowmobiles to transport logistics, avoiding useless trips and waste of fuel. The transport of athletes from the hotels will be under the responsibility of each team, in order to avoid contacts between athletes of different teams.