Regulations 2019

The "Adamello Ski Raid" is an international ski-touring race, with traditional equipment, in teams made up of 2 people. It is organized by the Adamello Ski Team in cooperation with Adamello Ski Consortium. This event will take place on Sunday, April 7th, 2019: departure for male and mixed categories is in Ponte di Legno, Tonalina area at 5.30 a.m.; for female category at 6.10 a.m. at Passo Paradiso and the finish for both is in Ponte di Legno.

The course is characterized by a rise of 4.000 m and it is 42 km long. The path winds up a high mountain route and presents some alpine difficulties. As a consequence, the admission implies good psychophysical training and great experience in high mountain environment. Compulsory year of birth of the competitors: 1998 or previous years. The competitors must show the health certificate allowing them to practice any competitive sport. This certificate has to be issued by a sport doctor and has to be valid on the race day.

Each athlete is aware and responsible for the equipment used during the race. By the inscription, the athlete assures the technical competence of his own equipment and guarantees that it is in compliance with the current rules. For safety reasons, each athlete must carry his own equipment, as an exception only the skis and the sealskins can be carried by the team fellow during the walking stages. The skis must be fixed on the backside of the backpack; it is forbidden to carry the skis on the front side, in front of the athlete, from shoulder strap to shoulder strap and it is forbidden to carry the skis by fixing them on the backpack without using the special safety strings. During the race you are not allowed to change equipment, even if it is broken, apart from the departure, in the first metres after the starting point, inside the areas marked by the Organization and along the route only at the check points. The Organization is not obliged to provide athletes with any spare material.

All the personal and team equipment will be checked at the end of the race, in a special suitable area at arrival and, if the judges consider it necessary, even during the race stages from the time of the delivery numbers to 30 minutes after arrival. When you enrol for the race in Ponte di Legno, the equipment will be checked and stamped. To enter the departure area it is compulsory to check if the ARTVA device is working precisely.

Compulsory material for each competitor:

  • One pair of skis suitable for alpine skiing: Min. height 160 cm (measured from the head to the end, along the whole surface of the insole), for the men’s categories Juniores/Seniores/Espoir, Cadets, 150 cm for the women’s categories Cadets/Juniores/Seniores/Espoir. They must be equipped with metallic edges at least on 90% of all their length. Min. width 80 mm, 60 mm in the central part, 70 mm at the end. We consider valid the sizes declared by the manufacturer, that is responsible for such declaration.
  • One pair of ski boots suitable for alpine skiing: they must be high enough to cover the ankles and must be suitable to wear quickly and safely the crampons. The boots must be equipped both withclosing device of the foot part and the garret part and both with lock tilt between the foot part and the garret part. Different types of scotch-tapes and bandages with elastic materials are not allowed. We consider regular all the closing systems and the soles of the alpine skiing boots sold on the market by every manufacturer, as long as not modified. Min. requirements: - min. external surface of the notches, in contact with the land, 1 cm2
    - sole made with rubbery type material such as Vibram or similar
    - the sole of each boot must be notched and cover at least 75% of the surface
    - min. number of notches is 23 (15 on the front part and 8 on the heel)
    - min. depth of the notches 4 mm.
  • One pair of alpine skiing bindings (the point and the heel can be produced by two different manufacturers, but only if they are original parts). They must allow to block the boot on the back and front side. On the back side it is required a front and side unhooking
  • One pair of sticks: diameter no more than 25 mm, filling not included. Metal washers are forbidden
  • One thermal sheet: min. size mt 1.8 x 2.0 (always compulsory for all technical sports)
  • One A.R.T.V.A device: according to international rules; it must be worn above the underwear, below the snowsuit or inside the specific pocket of the mountaineering suit and must transmit during the whole race. The transmitting device alone is forbidden
  • Snow shovel: with handle. Min. length of the full shovel, including handle and spoon, 50 cm, min. size of the spoon 20x20 cm, without any change. The denomination "snow shovel" must be given by the manufacturer, that is responsible for such denomination and for its practical qualities
  • - Snow probe: it is preferable according to the I.S.M.F. rules. We also accept the probes with the following features: min. length 240 cm, min. diameter 10 mm,without any change. The denomination “snow probe” must be given by the manufacturer that is responsible for such denomination and for its practical qualitie
  • One backpack with suspenders: equipped with 2 ski rack strings. The backpack must be big enough to transport all the equipment required by the general rules
  • Sealskins: two plus a spare two. In order to respect the natural environment, it is strictly forbidden to use scotch or other similar devices, that make the sliding easier
  • Lower body clothes: two layers (a pair of trousers or tracksuit and a pair of down filled trousers primaloft or similar (min. filling 60 gr/m2)
  • Upper body clothes: four long sleeved layers (one layer must be one hooded down anorak primaloft or similar (min. filling 100 gr/m2
  • Gloves: two pairs (one has to be quilt)
  • Ski hat: or hairband
  • One pair of glasses: or ski mask
  • Crampons: min. 10 spikes, min. height 3 cm, without any change, adjusted on the boots and equipped with safety strings (no elastic bands). They must be carried inside the rucksack, spike against spike
  • Sling: approved by U.I.A.A., with thigh protectors, without any change
  • Kit for railtracks: according to the rule UIAA 128 (self-made kit is forbidden)
  • One snap hook: additional, min. resistance 22 kN
  • Helmet:approved by U.I.A.A., mountaineering, ski touring or climbing helmet, which must be worn during the whole race. Mountain Bike helmets are strictly forbidden

Compulsory material for each team:

  • Dynamics climbing rope: length 20 m, min. diameter 8,0 mm single rope for 1. It is strictly forbidden to use any elastic bands or to do any other changes that might modify the rope
  • Sunglasses:and one pair of spare sunglasses
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle

The whole course will be marked with special coloured signs. You have to faithfully follow these signs. In every phase of the race each team has to be independent and self-sufficient: external help or assistance isn’t allowed, except for supplies provided by the organization staff. The gap between the two racers cannot be bigger than 20 m. The teams will be allowed to leave the check point together only after being scored by the race supervisor. During the whole race every competitor’s number has to be shown clearly. The change of arrangement can be made only inside the delimited zones, as stated by the Organization and by the Jury, without any external help. The competitors, in case of need, are required to help each other. If a competitor is joined by another one, he/she must leave immediately the step on the route, with the exception of stretches where it is forbidden by the Organization. All the teams have to move along the route respecting the progression technique established by the Organization and the Jury (or they might be disqualified). The teams after the time-limit or in trouble can leave the race only at a nearby check point where they the rescue staff will take care of them. In case of accident it is compulsory to advise the closest check point or the rescue staff. When you have your skis in the backpack it is forbidden to us the tow-sling.


  • Missing skis, boots or A.R.T.V.A. = disqualification
  • If a competitor doesn’t pass by a check point = disqualification
  • Any dangerous action, which could compromise the safety of the competitors and of the organizers, as well as the course of the race = disqualification
  • Change of 2 sticks, if the break has not been checked = from 1 to 5 minutes penalty
  • Littering on the course or causing any serious environmental damage = disqualification
  • Leaving the course race = disqualification
  • Missing compulsory material at the check point or at the finishing line post = from 1 minute penalty to disqualification
  • Getting any external help, if not authorized = from 1 minute penalty to disqualification
  • Improper behaviour: from 1 minute penalty to disqualification
  • Arrangement change outside the change areas = from 1 to 3 minutes penalty
  • If one team doesn’t pass together by one area of arrangement change = from 2 minutes penalty to disqualification
  • If you fold or cut your number = 3 minutes penalty
  • Non-sports terms or insults to other athletes or DT = from 5 minutes to disqualification
  • If you don’t use the compulsory equipment = from 1 minute penalty to disqualification
  • Disrespecting the safety rules = disqualification
  • Any other dangerous action, which could prejudice the safety of the competitors and of the organizers as well as and the proper course of the race = disqualification.

All the decisions will be made by the Jury and will be unquestionable. In case of penalty from 1 minute to disqualification, the penalty will be established according to the gravity of the mistake and according to the particular context of the race. Any complaints have to be addressed in writing to the Jury, within 15 minutes from the issuing of the final results, signed by DT FISI. Moreover it is compulsory to pay Euro 50,00 for any complaint. This amount won’t be refunded in case the claim is refused.

Anti-doping controls will be carried out according to the procedures provided for by the La Grande Course international circuit.

It is fundamental to know the exact details concerning the race, therefore it is compulsory that at least one member of each team takes part in the briefing. During the briefing, which will take place the day before the race at 6 the “Palazzetto dello Sport” in Ponte di Legno, the competitors will receive the following information: description of the race, procedures and stretches, where it is compulsory to climb roped together and where it is necessary to use crampons. The competitors will be informed of the meeting point, the starting time, the location and the max. time of the gates, the check and health assistance points. The Race Director, in case of particular weather conditions or exceptional circumstances, occurred before or during the race, may change both the course and the max. time of the gates; he may also suspend the competition, which will be considered finished and the valid arrival order will be the one of the suspension moment.

Scheduled time gates:

  • Passo Presena: 2h10' from the start (men)
  • Passo Lobbia: 5h15' from the start (4h35' for women)
  • Bivacco Adamello: 7h30' from the start (6h50' for women)

Every competitor, who has any problem, may withdraw from the race spontaneously or he/she can be declared not competing by the Director Race or by one the staff’s doctors. One team’s withdraw must absolutely take place nearby the closest check point, where the competitors will be attended by the rescue staff. If only one member of the team withdraws the race, the others must follow the Director and rescue staff’s instructions.

Only the teams made up of two members are allowed to take part in the race (optional reserve). The team leader is responsible for the team to the organization staff and guarantees to be present at the race and to enrol trained athletes, with great alpine experience and to be able to practice well off-pists skiing.Entrance fee: Euro 350,00 / team.This price includes: the race enrolment, one day HB (dinner, overnight stay and breakfast), final lunch and one gadget of the event (technical wear Montura). Entrance fee without HB: Euro 300,00 / team.

Enrolments can only be made on the internet at this site. You can enrol only if you hold the Grande Course 2018/2019 card. You can buy this card on

After the enrolment closing any further registration might be accepted only according to the unquestionable decision of the Organization staff. The enrolments will be closed earlier in case there should be 350 teams. By enrolling the competitors relieve the organization staff of any civil and penal responsibility towards people and things for any damage which should occur during and after the race.

Until February 12, 2019 will be held 60 Euros (40 Euros without accommodation)
From February 13 to 28 will be held back 100 Euros (80 Euros without accommodation)
1 to March 12 will be held back 150 Euros (120 Euros without accommodation)
By March 13 it will not be possible to return any portion of the amount paid.



  • 1° Ranked team: Euro 3.000,00 + Cup
  • 2° Ranked team: Euro 2.000,00 + Cup
  • 3° Ranked team: Euro 1.500,00 + Cup
  • 4° Ranked team: Euro 1.000,00
  • 5° Ranked team: Euro 500,00
  • 6°-15° Ranked team: prize


  • 1° Ranked team: Euro 3.000,00 + Cup
  • 2° Ranked team: Euro 2.000,00 + Cup
  • 3° Ranked team: Euro 1.500,00 + Cup
  • 4°-10° Ranked team: prize

Prize for all competitors: technical wear Montura.