ISMF Ski Mountaineering World Cup 2020 - Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 advice for the teams, athletes, coaches, staff & referees and all accredited persons (sponsors, providers, press and guests present at the sport event)

The Local Organising Committee ensures adequate measures to protect the health of all participants and declares to apply preventive measures to stop the transmission of infection, as well as mitigation measures to minimise the risk of infection. The LOC establishes a close cooperation with the local Health Authorities to establish the appropriate measures to follow.
National Health Regulations and Local Health Authorities’ protocol are paramount. This Covid-19 policy has been established to support the defined measures.

Prevention & Mitigation Plan and Risk Assessment Plan

- Appointment of a LOC Covid-19 Coordinator, aware of the local procedures and in contact with the nearby hospital or medical structure allowed to host and deal with Covid-19 patients. The Coordinator is based in the office of Consorzio Adamello Ski. The temperature will not be taken during or after any training or warm-up as the result could be false due to the cold or the warming-up of the body. It will be instead taken at any other occasion at the discretion of Covid-19 coordinators.
- Creation of a contact list of every person participating in the event or present in the race venue; it is necessary in case of illness of one person to inform all the others.
- Application of the following Testing procedures prior to the arrival at the event:
To enter the country of any ISMF Event everyone must take the antigen or RT-PCR test, whose result must be negative and declared in a self-declaration reporting some requested parameters by the concerned Country (self-declaration whenever requested by the Country). The result of the test has to be released no more than 72 hours:
- before the arrival in the concerned Country or
- before the start of the first competition for the following people:

  1. LOC staff
  2. People resident in the Event Country
  3. Foreign people already present in the Event Country since more extra days before the Event (for example for training)**
The relevant negative result certificate must be carried along & presented with the duly filled & signed health questionnaire for accredited persons (Guidelines for COVID-19, annex 5, pag. 24) and given to the ISMF Coordinator for COVID-19 prevention* or the LOC Coordinator for COVID-19 at the arrival to the Event location.
  • Should people arrive in advance in the Event Country, they shall manage to organise themselves the test in order to present the negative certificate no more 72 hours before the start of the first competition.
  • In case that the home Country asks for a negative certificate of an antigen or a RT-PCR test to return back (each team is in charge to get this information from its own government), the LOC shall offer the possibility to perform tests on site. This test is in charge to the tested person.
    A. Participants in the Event shall communicate a week before the Event how many tests are needed.
    B. The LOC shall inform in advance the participants in the Event about the cost of the test.

In case of positive result of the test, the person must not travel to the event. - Possibility to perform paid tests on place in case that some participants need to submit to the test for example before returning his/her own country.
For those people, whose home Country requires a negative certificate to come back, the Local Organising Committee has made an agreement with the hospital in Edolo village (located 20 km from Ponte di Legno), which is available to activate the laboratory to carry out RT-PCR tests in the morning of Saturday 19 December. The result can be issued in 24 hours, by Sunday morning 20 December, so that the tested people will have the result in time.
In order to pre-book the laboratory on Saturday morning, it is necessary that people who need to be tested before leaving the Event send an email with the number of tests/exigencies no later than next Wednesday, 9 December to LOC COVID-19 coordinator Sonia Menici ( with copy to If there is any person that does not leave on Sunday, but stays one/two more days, we should know when they would like to do the test and plan it accordingly since the result is given in 24 hours. The due price for RT-PCR test is € 65,79/person. The amount has to be paid in advance by each team/athlete to LOC, to confirm the reservation of the test.
- The use of the mask is always compulsory in any common area of the event. It is highly recommended the use of the FFP2 mask.
- Supply of a non-reusable/surgical masks to the participants in case someone has lost or broken it.
- Statement of a Reporting Policy in case a participant shows symptoms related to Covid-19 (Annex 1).

General protections measures and individual responsibility

  • Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water;
  • Always keep the distance of 1 meter between yourself and anyone;
  • Maintain at least 2 meters distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing;
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth;
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze;
  • Avoid any physical contact such as handshaking – non-physical greetings are highly recommended;
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory in any event site/area, private or public common spaces. It is required to replace the mask twice during the day. The athletes must wear the mask until 30 seconds before the start of the race. At the arrival it is compulsory for the athletes to wear again the mask when entering the check material zone and to keep it always in any common site. A second mask must be carried in the backpack. The use of buff in place of a mask is not allowed. The athletes have to warm-up on their own or only together with national teammates

All the coaches are required to properly inform their athletes and are engaged to supervise each participant and admonish compliance with the general protections measures in order to enable the safe development of the event.

It is the responsibility of every person to adhere to this policy, follow all procedures and instructions and behave in a disciplined manner at all times.

Field of play - Waiting - Race office:

  • Alcohol-based hand-gel arranged in all the locations;
  • Hygiene & distancing signs across all the venues;
  • Limited number of people in all areas;
  • Organization of sanification, cleaning and waste removal.
Start / Finish area:
  • Vertical Race: wide start area, in respect of the distancing rules;
  • Sprint Race: mass start, distance of 1,5 m among athletes;
  • Use of mask until 60 sec before the race; at the arrival it is compulsory for the athletes to wear again the mask when entering the check material zone and to keep it up to returning the hotel. A second mask must be carried in the backpack. The use of buff in place of a mask is not allowed;
  • No physical contact with the athletes;
  • First aid zone;
  • Three corridors for material check;
  • Two corridors for a quicker flow.
Winner Photos/Ceremonies:
  • Athletes must wear the mask at any ceremonies also when on the podium, pictures of the athletes will be taken with the mask on;
  • Pictures respecting distancing;
  • No-handshaking;
  • Athletes to remain on own podium step.
  • Review to provide distancing;
  • Establishment of the rules for interaction with TV & Media Partner;
  • TV & Media Partner: use of "selfie-stick" microphones, change of microphone boom, use of separate microphones for interviewer and athlete, limited number of photographers;
  • wearing of mask.
- Anti-Doping Control (located at the office of the Consorzio Adamello Ski)
  • Distancing and additional hygienic measures.

- VIP area: located aside from the race area, it is an organized bounded space with a separate distinct entrance, to avoid any physical contact between the athletes and the guests entering the VIP area. Inside the VIP area, there’s a gallery with seats in respect of the distancing.
- Transport service, clothes transportation and refreshments in charge of each team’s coach.
- Accommodation facilities and catering services: the hoteliers and the catering providers will apply and respect the rules and procedures in force in relation to Covid-19.
- All the athletes are required to add visible name tags on all personal equipment, in order to avoid any exchange
- The athletes are required to avoid the presence of not essential accompanying people (friends, families, fan clubs, etc.). In case, some accompanying people are present for specific needs or reasons, they are required to avoid ads much as possible any interaction with athletes.[/p

It is the responsibility of every person to adhere to this policy, follow all procedures and instructions and behave in a disciplined manner at all times.
This policy is a lively document and might be subject to updating.